Boarding at Ruff House Resort
Boarding & Lodging
Group Play Yards, Organized Activities, Exercise and Play-Time, Private Suites for Overnight Sleeping.

Day Care at Ruff House Resort
Day Care
Supervised Group Play. Indoor and Outdoor Yards, Pools. Day Care Offered 7 Days a Week.

Training at Ruff House Resort
Dog Training
Board and Train, Canine Good Citizen Classes, Therapy Dog Training, Private Lessons and Puppy School.

Spa Services at Ruff House Resort
Bathing & Spa Services
Spa Baths, Coat Conditioner, Nail Trim, Teeth Brushing, Brush Out, FURminator, and Hand Blow Dry.

Activities at Ruff House Resort
Activities and Fun
Bedtime Belly Rubs, Individual Play-time, Ice Cream Treats and Good Night Bones. Schedule Activities During Your Stay!

Dog Day Care

Dog Day Care

Day Care is an excellent way to get exercise, learn social skills and group manners, and to burn off energy. The dogs will interact in a controlled and safe environment and this can reduce anxiety and stress. We offer day care 7 days a week, for up to 10 hours per day, and reservations are NOT required. A tired dog is a good dog!

Group Play

Guests are separated into play groups based on their size, temperament and play style. Ruff House has 3 main play yards with indoor and outdoor space, pools, play equipment and toys. This allows us to provides a safe, and fun, environment. Dogs play during the day with our Pack Leaders and come indoors from 12pm to 2pm for nap-time and breaks. If it is raining or hot we have indoor yards where guests are protected from the weather. Web cameras let you observe the fun throughout the day so please look online at our live web cameras.

Meet and Greet

We recommend that all our guests come in for a "meet and greet" before attending day care and participating in group play. If your dog is not suitable for group play, or you choose not to participate, we have private cabanas for rest and private exercise yards available for dogs.
*Please review our Breed restrictions under Requirements and Registration page.