Ruff House Pet Resort

Board & Training

Ruff House Pet Resort offers several training programs while boarding with us.

Our Dog Trainers are educated and experienced with obedience training and behavior modification. The Board and Train or dog boot camp, is our most popular training program and is designed for long lasting results.  

We’ll take into consideration your dogs age, breed, and specific needs when designing your personal Board and Train Plan.

Board and Train

Let your dog spend a few weeks at Ruff House Pet Resort! We offer group play and exercise as well as daily lessons with a dedicated trainer. Our goal is to build a solid training foundation through correction of bad behaviors and rewards for good behavior. Dogs receive positive reinforcement, motivation, conditioning and social skills during group play. The structured one-on-one training time uses mental exercises to challenge your dog to focus on us and learn commands. Upon check-out customers observe a lesson that includes details for your follow up review lesson!

NOTE: It is very important to us to educate dog owners and help them understand that they need to follow through with training for a successful transition once their dog returns home from a Board and Train Program. “If nothing changes then nothing changes”

Puppy Program

Puppy Training program begins with potty training, crate training, socialization, and manners. Followed by structured days of learning and obedience. We will focus on introducing them to new sights and sounds and having positive interactions with other dogs and new people. This should help them overcome any fears and build their confidence.

Puppy training is the foundation that builds the beginning of a structured and balanced life at home.

2 Week Program

This is an all around learning program with daily experiences. Dogs learn about eye contact, spacial pressure, verbal commands and hand signals for obedience.

Our training methods are positive reinforcement with conditioning exercises to teach your dog what we want them to do instead of punishing them for unwanted behaviors.

Structured learning that will be reinforced during training includes walking on leash, socialization, and obedience commands including down stays and wait.

During your check-out lesson you will receive a hands on demonstration and  an appointment for your follow up lesson at Ruff House Pet Resort.

3 Week Program

A similar plan as the 2 week program but offers more advanced obedience, social skills, and addressing problem behaviors.

The 3rd week allows for tightening up the commands and training in more distracting settings.

Dogs will be conditioned around other dogs and people and proofed for consistency and reliability.

A check-out lesson allows owners to see the results as well as practice for themselves.

A hands-on demonstration is included along with a follow-up lesson the next week at Ruff House Pet Resort.